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Begin your success story in our laboratory

We have a strong Research and Development department, with well equipped laboratory and experienced chemists to find innovative, versatile and customized solutions that exclusively meet industry specific requirement.

Our goal is to become an extension of your research and product development through custom synthesis and our one-to-one contract manufacturing capabilities.

We have a pilot plant facility where the process developed on lab scale is studied further and valuable plant design data is generated. Based on the design data, necessary equipments are designed in-house and fabricated by the experts in the field. Our R&D team has been collaborating with prestigious research and development academic institutions like IIT, NCL, NEERI etc. since last 12 years.

Lab Scale Development Facility

  • 2 Liters glass reaction assembly (Pressure: 5 kg/cm2; Temperature range : 30°C to 150°C)
  • 250 ml - 5 Liters glass reaction assembly with vacuum fractional distillation column
  • 5 Liters, 2 Liters & 100ml SS 316 fully automatic, magnetically coupled Autoclave with dosing [gas as well as liquid), sampling and distillation facility with Process Control & Data logging facility [Temperature Range: 10°C to 250°C; Pressure:100 kg/cm2; RPM: 0-1000]
  • Julabo Temperature Control System; Temperature Range: -40°C to 250°C
  • 50 Liters glass lined jacketed reactor with double mechanical seal with accessories. Pressure up to 6 kg/cm2; Temperature Range: -10°C to 200°C

Kilo Lab

  • 20 Liters all glass multipurpose reaction cum azeotropic distillation skid mounted unit
  • 50 Liters glass lined jacketed reactor with double mechanical seal with accessories. 2 Pressure up to 6 Kg/cm ; Temp - 10°C to 200°C
  • 20 Liters all glass scrubber with circulating pump, packed column, cooler etc. skid mounted unit.
  • 10 Liters all glass fractional distillation unit skid mounted.
  • Agitated Filter Cum Vacuum Drier with 10 Liters cake volume & 30 Liters gross volume, skid mounted unit.

Analytical & Quality Control Facility

  • Gas Chromatograph with autosampler
  • Gas Chromatograph with autosampler & head space
  • Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
  • pH Meters
  • Quaternary Gradient HPLC systems with autosampler
  • Precision Electronic Weighing Balances
  • IR Moisture Balance
  • Digital Automatic Karl-Fisher Titrator
  • UV/VIS Spectrometer
  • Flash Chromatograph
  • Digital Polarimeter
  • Binary HPLC System with Autosampler PDA & RI detector and Fraction Collector
  • Digital Melting Point Apparatus (Programmable)
  • FT-IR

We also have access to following advance analytical instruments to support our R&D and product development requirements:

NMR AAS ION chromatography
XRD Particle size analyzer DSC

Career with us

We have multiple openings at our Vapi / Mumbai office across various roles.